Lootcrate – Horror 

Hi everyone! Sorry I’ve not been posting recently, I’ve been so busy with uni and working and not had much time to blog.

Today I’m gonna be talking about something slightly different than usual. Last month after hearing that Lootcrate were doing a Horror themed box for the month of October I knew I had to order it! I’d not previously ordered from Lootcrate before so i was really excited to receive this box as I’m OBSESSED with all things Horror related. For those of you who don’t know, Lootcrate is a monthly subscription box which is themed differently every month. Each box comes with a variety of gaming, film and “geek” related products.

When the box arrives it looks like this with the Lootcrate logo on the front. The inside of the box was The Walking Dead themed, which is one of my all time favourite TV shows!

The first item in the box was a Walking Dead tshirt with Negan on the front (no spoilers)! It’s of a really high quality and it’s probably my favourite item in the box!

The next item in the box I found was very different. It was a pair of Freddie Kruger chopsticks. I really wasn’t expecting this kind of thing but it’s a really fun and quirky idea!

I then came across this little Texas Chainsaw Massacre soft toy which I find absolutely adorable! TCM is definitely one of my favourite horror movies and I love this little guy!

I was really excited when I saw this item in the box as I’ve seen it before many years ago. It’s a book of Regrettable Supervillains. I honestly can’t wait to read through this as it looks super cool. I’ve always been really interested in comics so this is a great book to add to my collection!

The next item in the box is a Camp Crystal Lake flag. I honestly have no idea where to put this flag but I think it’s awesome!


In every Lootcrate there is a special pin badge inside. I love pins and I thought this one was amazing. It’s taken from the movie Halloween.


Finally the last item in the box was a Lootcrate magazine and in the base of the box is a pop out Walking Dead zombie mask.

I was very pleased with my Lootcrate and I loved all of the fun and quirky items inside! Everything in the box was good quality and value for money! If like me you’re into gaming and films etc I’d definitely recommend Lootcrate! You can find them here at http://www.lootcrate.com

Thanks for reading, I hope you all enjoyed this post! Have you ever ordered from Lootcrate before? 

With love, Eilidhrose x 


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