Boux Avenue Underwear

Hey everyone! I was sadly unable to post yesterday so here’s a quick post about my favourite underwear store, Boux Avenue.

Underwear has always been one of my favourite things to spend my money on, I always think it’s worth splashing out on some gorgeous sets if you have the money for it! But if you’re like me, a poor student, then you’ll often not have the money for these luxuries. LUCKILY, I was kindly gifted 2 Boux Avenue sets for my birthday AND picked up 2 sets super cheap in their autumn sale! Boux avenue is by far my favourite underwear store ever. All of their products are simply gorgeous and make me feel so beautiful when I wear them!

The first 2 sets I recieved were from a friend for my birthday which I’m so grateful for!

I was gifted this super cute black and white polkadot set which I absolutely adore.


The next set is actually an unpadded lace set. Recently I’ve been loving unpadded bras and bralettes as they’re just so comfortable! I’m so impressed by the quality of this set.


The next 2 sets I picked up myself in Boux Avenues autumn sale and I got both for £29! Which is amazing as usually it’s £40 a set!

This first set is unpadded but underwired. I couldn’t resist when I saw this set! Its gorgeous black mesh with embroidered red/pink flowers over it.


The next set is a triangle unpadded lace bralette in a bright pink/orange colour. It’s so gorgeous!!


These 2 sets were super affordable and I’d recommend keeping an eye out for Boux Avenues sales as you can pick up the gorgeous sets for less than half price!

I hope you all enjoyed this post, feel free to leave a comment below! I’m going to be doing some autumn/halloween themed posts over the next couple of weeks if anyone’s interested!

With love, Eilidhrose x 


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