August/September Favourites

Hey everyone! As you may or may not know I’ve not been blogging as often recently so I wasn’t able to put up my August Favourites post. So I’ve decided now to upload a larger post with both my August and September favourites!

I’m going to start with my Beauty Favourites over the past two months.

1. ColourPop Brow Pomade – Bangin’ Brunette

For years I’ve always used powder on my brows which I felt always ended up slightly messy and would fade throughout the day. But after having pomade brow products recommended to me I decided to opt for the ColourPop Brow Pomade. Initially I wanted to go for the Anastasia Beverly Hills product but I felt it was pretty over priced. Where as ColourPop’s was only $6!

I absolutely adore this brow product as my brows stay in place all day and the application is a lot cleaner in comparison with powders.

2. MAC Matte Lipstick – Whirl

I’m absolutely in love with this lipstick! Both the shade and finish are perfect. It has a matte finish and the shade is a sort of brown with dusky pink undertones. This lipstick is the perfect colour for Autumn and I can’t wait to get more use out of it. It’s priced at £15.50 but I managed to get it slightly cheaper from duty free.

3. NYX Studio Finishing Powder – Translucent

This powder is a LIFE SAVER. Throughout the day my face often gets really oily and shiny when wearing foundation but this has solved my problem. It’s a lightweight translucent matte powder which I apply to set my foundation then throughout the day if I get oily I just apply some more when it’s needed. I love the fact it works with all skin tones due to it being translucent. I picked it up for £8 at my nearest boots store in Glasgow.

4. Makeup Revolution Vivid Baked Highlighter – Golden lights

I’ve talked before about this highlighter as I also own it in the shade Peach Lights. These highlighters are great dupes for the Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit Highlighters. I think this shade Golden Lights works a lot better overall with my skin tone and usual makeup looks. This only costs £3 so if you’re on a budget like me then this is definitely worth it!

Next I’m going to talk about my Fashion Favourites.

1. Topshop Hoodie – Dusky Pink

While I was out during freshers week it got pretty cold and as always I never dress for the weather, so I decided to pick up a hoodie. This was a completely random purchase but when I saw this I fell in love. It’s really comfortable and the colour is to die for. I got it for £25 and I’ve been wearing it constantly ever since!

2. Pull&Bear – Floral Mom Jeans and Khaki Bodysuit

When I was in Barcelona I came across the shop Pull&Bear and up until then I’d never heard of the brand, but now I’m obsessed. All of their clothing is so cool and good quality! I picked up a pair of mom jeans with roses all over which I absolutely adore and can’t stop wearing. I also got a khaki green bodysuit which I also love. The colours are perfect for Autumn! The jeans were £35.99 and the bodysuit was £9.99.

I’m now gonna talk about my last few Random Favourites.

1. Paperchase World Map Midterm Diary

For starting university I decided I needed a diary in order to keep track of everything. I picked up this one from Paperchase for £8.99. I thought it was really cute and the perfect size to carry in my bag.

2. TV Show – Bates Motel

After finding this show on Netflix I became addicted! It’s honestly amazing and I’d recommend it for anyone who’s needing something new to watch. There are 3 seasons currently on Netflix and I’m currently just waiting for season 4 to come out! It’s based on the book Psycho.

image3. Steak, Cattle & Roll – Vegan Milkshakes

I absolutely love milkshakes, but after finding out I was lactose intolerant 2 years ago I hadn’t had once since. Until my friend told me about this place that did vegan milkshakes! I am now obsessed and they taste amazing, if you’re ever in Glasgow DEFINITELY visit the Steak, Cattle & Roll restaurant. These milkshakes are to die for.


4. Duolingo – Language Learning App

I spoke about this briefly in my previous post but I’ve been using this app to teach myself Spanish. Again this app is free and easy to use, if you’re looking to learn a language! By doing 10 minutes a day I’ve already improved a lot and learned so much!

I honestly thought I’d have a lot more to talk about for the last two months but I guess not! So that’s it from me. I hope you all enjoyed this post and feel free to leave a comment below!

With love, Eilidhrose x


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