Life Update

Hello all, long time no speak.
Since my Barcelona trip at the end of August/Start of September I’ve posted literally nothing! I’ve planned so many posts, got so many drafts but I’ve really just lacked motivation over the past month. I’m using this post as a way to get back on track with my blog. But anyway, here are just some updates and things that have been happening recently which have caused me to come out of the way of blogging.

1. Starting University 

So after finishing my 6th year at school before the summer, I have been preparing for starting university, which I duly did on the 19th of September. I’m studying Computer Games Art and Animation and it’s honestly been a blast so far. Getting away from my school environment has really had a positive impact on my life and I can’t wait to explore my course further as this is just my 2nd week!

Since starting this course I’d like to add another category into my blog to do with video games and film, reviews etc. I’m still undecided on whether to make a separate blog for it or keep it within this one hmm. What do you guys think?

2. Freshers Week

I’m just gonna back track a lil to the week before I started university, the week beginning the 12th of September, also known as freshers week! Usually this consists of getting drunk, going to clubs and parties etc. But me being a lil baby and only 17 at the time I had a pretty chill week yet still managed to do a lot. After having the Monday and Tuesday at uni getting introductions, doing icebreaker activities and meeting lots of great people, I had the rest of the week to do whatever I wanted.

Me and my friends went to student unions for drinks, freshers fayres with lots of freebies, and went to the cinema to see Kubo and the Two Strings (which by the way was amazing). During this week we also went out for lunch/dinner and went shopping etc. So overall I had an extremely busy week with very little time to spare for blogging.

3. My 18th Birthday!

On the 27th of September I FINALLY turned 18! During the weekend prior to that I was doing a lot to celebrate my birthday and have been busy since Friday basically everyday till now. I had a party, visited family, been out with friends and tonight I’ll be going for my first night out!!!

4. The Flu

Since the weather has been beginning to change everyone seems to be catching colds and flus (including myself). Over the past few days I’ve had a bad cold/flu which has left me completely unmotivated to do anything (apart from watch youtubers all day/night). Some youtubers I’ve been obsessed with recently are Simply_kenna, Carli Bybel, Channon Rose and of course CutiePieMarzia my favourite youtuber!

5. Learning Spanish

In high school I studied Spanish for years although I was never any good at it. After scraping a C pass in my exam I decided to give up on it. It’s now 2 years later and I’ve decided to pick it up again. After going to Barcelona, Spain I’ve realised how much having another language will help and improve life.

I’ve been using an app Duolingo to learn Spanish back to basics. With this app you can learn any language you desire! It’s fun, easy and free and it’s helped me a lot to boost my skills in Spanish. I’ve also been looking into studying a Spanish module in university next year to improve myself even further.

As you all can tell a lot has been happening for me in September. But after writing this I feel motivated to get back on track with my blog posts. I hope to upload another post this weekend or on Monday. Expect a joint August/September monthly favourites post very soon!!

Thank you all for taking the time to read this long and quite possibly boring post. But I’ll soon be back with my usual posts!

With love, Eilidhrose x


4 thoughts on “Life Update

  1. I feel the same about learning French from school. I barely know how to have a conversation in the language! I’ve sort of given up on it, but maybe I should try the Duolingo app like you, and I can pick it up again! Congrats on turning 18! I recently turned 18 back in May… I was inspired to write a poem on all the things I’ve learned in 18 years on my blog if you’re interested 🙂

    Sincerely, Madison

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah I think in school I had like 0 motivation and picked up nothing (so I thought), but after using Duolingo I realised I knew more than I thought I did! And only 10 minutes a day is quick and easy, and it makes you feel like you’ve achieved something every day!
      Thank you! I’ll have a read at your poem 🙂 X


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