Day 3: Barcelona – City Bus Tour

Today I decided to get the tourist bus around Barcelona. I don’t usually opt for tours and such but after today I have no regrets. The bus tour took us all over Barcelona, covering the major sites.

After being on the bus roughly an hour we got off at Tibidabo. Prior to today i’d never heard of this site. We walked uphill for about 20 minutes and as we were just about to turn back after losing faith we seen the signs for a cable car/tram. We bought our tickets and up we went. Mount Tibidabo is a massive mountain with both the Sacred Heart Of Jesus Temple and an amusement park at the top, strange combo isn’t it. We rode the cable car right up the side of the steep mountain, the sights were incredible.

Once we reached the top it had started to rain so we went into the temple which was stunning inside. We then continued and climbed up to the very top of the temple where we were able to see all of Barcelona. I’ve never been up so high in my life!

Afterwards we walked back down and had some lunch in a cafe near the bus stop. Luckily by this point the sun decided to come out.


We then got back on the bus and stopped off at the famous Gaudi building, Casa Batlló. We went for a guided tour through the museum. I was amazed at the architecture and the dragon like features on the roof of the building. It was truly spectacular and a must see when visiting Barcelona.

I hope you all enjoyed reading this post! I’ll be keeping you updated with the rest of my trip.

Love, Eilidhrose x



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