Lush Mini Haul

Hey everyone! As me and my mum were both feeling a bit down in the dumps after a stressful appointment today we decided to cheer ourselves up by taking a trip to one of our favourite stores (Lush!). I absolutely love Lush products due to the moisturising  quality of the products (and of course the amazing smells!). We managed to pick up quite a few goodies in the little time we had. I bought a few old favourites along with a couple of products I haven’t tried before.

1. REHAB, Shampoo –


This has been my go-to shampoo for a year now. I absolutely adore this product and it smells amazing of exotic fruits and peppermint! My hair is very damaged due to colouring/straightening it too often, but REHAB has made a visible difference to the health of my hair.

2. AMERICAN CREAM, Conditioner –


This is yet another of my go-to products. I first purchased this with REHAB a year ago and the combination of these two products has worked miracles for my hair. Again it smells beautiful with hints of strawberries and cream!

3. MAYPOLE, Soap –


I haven’t previously tried this soap but when I smelled it today I simply couldn’t resist due to its sweet smell of “Stick of Rock”. I love Lush soaps as they’re all very creamy and moisturising.



Bath oils are a fairly recent addition to the Lush product selection. Despite not trying them myself I bought this one for my mum at Christmas time last year and she loved it! She said it was very moisturising and again smelled delicious of vanilla and sandalwood. So I thought I’d better give it a try.



This is another bath oil which I had to pick up as the smell of marshmallows lured me in! Again this product is very moisturising and soothing for the skin. I can’t wait to try it out!

6. SUNNYSIDE, Bubble Bar –


Straight away when I saw this product I simply couldn’t resist. This bubble bar has citrus smells but it’s the glitter which caught my attention! I can’t wait to feel like a queen bathing in gold glitter.

What are some of your favourite Lush products? Are there any you would recommend?

Love, Eilidhrose x


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