NYX Liquid Lipstick Favourites

This is just a quick short post as I’ve not had much time recently to post anything as I’ve been busy busy busy!

So here’s just a quick review of 3 of my absolute FAVOURITE NYX liquid lipsticks (both soft matte lip creams and liquid suede). All of these lipsticks are long-lasting matte finish with high pigmentation. Since the NYX counter is just new to  boots in Glasgow I’ve only been able to pick up a couple of products which I absolutely adore!

The first shade I’m going to talk about is a soft matte lip cream in the shade Abu Dhabi. This is a beautiful nude/brown shade and is definitely my favourite! The application is easy and lasts all day without the need to re-apply. Despite being matte it isn’t too drying on the lips and is also easy to take off (AND it was only £5.50!)

The next shade is called Vintage. This one is slightly different as it’s from NYX’ liquid suede range which is also long-lasting and highly pigmented! Vintage is a dark burgundy/brown shade and it’s absolutely gorgeous. I don’t wear this one as often as it is harder to pull off but it also is one of my favourites! This was only slightly more pricey at £6.50, which is still a great price for the product!

The last shade I’m going to talk about is also from the liquid suede range and it’s called Tea&Cookies. Again this is another beautiful shade but is slightly harder to pull off. It’s a stunning shade of pink and will be perfect for summer! It is also priced at £6.50.

I absolutely love all of these lipsticks and can’t wait to purchase more! What are your favourite NYX lipstick shades? Any recommendations?

Love, Eilidhrose x 


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