Holiday Haul

In June me and my two best friends are heading to ITALY for a vacation (or vacay as we call it)! In aid of this upcoming trip I felt that it was the perfect time tuo get some holiday shopping done and dusted well in advance!

This week I’ve done 2 trips which i’ve decided to combine into the 1 post.

Firstly I went to Forever 21. They had 30% off everything in store for one day only! So OFCOURSE I took the opportunity to grab some bargains. I decided to buy some lightweight crop tops as they are perfect for summer! I managed to pick up all 4 for under £25!


All of these tops are super affordable even without the discount, but of course the Forever 21 in Glasgow is shutting down so there will definitely be more sales to come!

A couple days later I went on yet ANOTHER shopping trip which I managed to pick up more holiday gear again for a decent price.

I firstly visited Urban Outfitters, which is a shop that I wouldn’t usually visit if I wanted to pick up some reasonably priced items. But I went anyway as I had a £22 credit note to spend!

While looking through their sale items I came across the bag which is shown below. The moment I found this item I fell in LOVE! It’s a small brown high quality leather look satchel which is perfect for holiday as its not too bulky but I can still fit the essentials in it. The faux leather used is in a crocodile print and has gold buckles. It’s very lightweight with a long shoulder strap. I love this vintage look bag and I know it’s going to be perfect for use as a day bag and for going out at night!


I also picked up another lightweight crop top which I thought was super cute and simple!


After my trip to Urban Outfitters I then headed to Primark where I knew I was bound to pick up a couple bargains. Myself I am usually one to doubt the quality of Primarks products but I was pleasantly surprised after this trip!

I knew I wanted to pick up a lightweight set of pyjamas as they are of course a holiday essential (if you’re travelling to a hot country that is) so I headed straight to the sleepware department. Right now Primark are stocking lots of light pyjamas with a boho look! At first I couldn’t decide which pair to pick up but I settled for these in the end.


When I seen this set I knew I instantly needed them! This set is super cute, lightweight and perfect for hot climates!

I then went to the footwear section. I didn’t expect to find anything but again i was surprised! I picked up these brown faux leather sandals for only £10! They are such good quality and look like genuine leather, also with this colour they will match almost any outfit.


I’m so pleased with my holiday purchases and honestly can’t wait to get use out of them this summer!

Do you have any holidays booked this summer? Are there any other places that you could reccomend for reasonably priced good quality products? Let me know 🙂

Virtual hugs, Eilidhrose x 


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